Vinyl Siding Tips and What You Should Consider When Getting Siding Replacement for Your Home

Vinyl Siding Tips and What You Should Consider When Getting Siding Replacement for Your Home

The vinyl siding products in the market imitate natural wood, encapsulates your home against unwanted winds or rough temperature hikes, and can also endure strong tornado-force winds, making themselves a tempting option for perfect exterior cladding.

  1. “Woody” Harrelson would be proud

One of the best things about the Vinyl tiles is that they render the same warmth, texture, and variation of natural wood, only it doesn’t bother being as much terrible when it comes to wear and tear. Being as good as wood is even better in those case because it these shingles won’t absorb any water, neither are they vulnerable to insects, and have the ability to endure strong winds, unlike actual lumber which it perfectly resembles.

  1. Keep the noise and temperature down

Haven Insulated Siding by Royal is quite an adequate choice when it comes to the energy-efficiency and it also comes in 15 different colors. With a large variety of colors, it does not only looks cool but also keeps the house cool with its ability to reflect radiant heat and to minimize the overall thermal conductivity. This siding also brings with its self quiet peace as it reduces noise by 45%, making you impervious to your neighbor’s marching bands.

  1. Poised and Strong

The Signature Supreme siding by Gentek Building Products‘ is a perfect choice for vinyl siding because of its thick panel of 0.44″, along with its rolled nail hem and deep butt height of 5/8″ which ensures excellent durability and rigidity. It also has a new PowerLok locking system that further reinforces the rigidity by keeping each panel tightened in its place to resist better against strong winds while preserving the beauty of an elegant exterior with its flawlessly clean lines.

  1. Better Board and Batten

If you are looking for a vinyl siding that can help you save energy, and absorb sound then the CedarBoards Insulated Siding by Certainteed would be an excellent pick for you, it also has great impact-resistance due to the presence of “foam insulation” technology that turns your shingles into a warm blanket on chilly nights. One impressive feature remains, even when it provides a load of others, it does not compromise on looking as good as natural wood.

  1. The Style speaks for itself

While most other vinyl sidings are linear, The Cedar Impressions by Certainteed makes a unique style statement by featuring scalloped panels, that brings you up to the next level of exterior architecture styling. This siding is as durable as it gets, and has superior resistance against warping and color fading, while its thoroughly spread out color impressively hides any surface scratches.

  1. The color and quality stays

When it comes to retaining its natural color, the Timberbay exterior cladding siding products, by ProVia, perform exceptionally well. It offers an extremely well-defined wood etching intended that helps replicate natural cedar. The half-inch thick-cut shakes of this siding has a decent variety between nine different shades, all with UV inhibitors to keep the colors rich for as long as possible, preventing the worries of fading color.

  1. Don’t Skirt Away

Parkside Vinyl Skirting by Georgia-Pacific Vinyl Siding offers an exquisitely classic, finishing touch to the exterior siding of your house. The best thing about this Vinyl skirting is that it can be easily maintained because it is made up of low-maintenance material, which along with its built-in center vent makes it much easier to be washed clean even with a garden hose.

  1. Nor Storms Neither Chuck Norris

Ply Gem Mastic Quest Siding is one of the strong cladding choices because it offers the capability of sustaining terribly strong tornado-force winds of up to 240 mph. Keeping up with style as it did with strength, this siding is available in a decent variety of weather-resistant colors, and provides excellent durability, and stays straight due to its extra reinforcement of rigidity in three major and critical areas: the nail hem, the panel projection, and the locking system.

  1. Build the Log Cabin you long for

If you choose the Vinyl timber siding, which perfectly imitates the rugged and rustic look of real logs, save the sky-high prices and the trouble of difficulty of installation. Its exquisite texture molding process brings it right up against the aesthetic and charm of authentic wood siding, without the trouble and all, so you can build yourself a cozy cabin where you can sit back and enjoy your life.

  1. Foam Fun

Prodigy from Alside is a brilliant cladding pick with accurately contoured, sheathed with an up to 1.5-inches thick foam underlay, which might be the thickest foam available in the market. It has a very unique surface texture that resembles that of actual milled lumber, along with that, this siding also offers the rigidity of natural wood and exceptional resistance to heat flow.


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