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Using Quilt Covers to Make Your Home’s Bedroom Look Amazing

Using Quilt Covers to Make Your Home's Bedroom Look Amazing

Are you looking for a great gift idea or a way to make your bedroom look amazing? One way many home owners today make their bedrooms look absolutely amazing is by using awesome quilt covers. Not just any quilt covers will do however, there are some things you should look for. In this article we’ll go over what makes quilt covers such a great gift idea, give you some tips on design. and much more. Check out some of the quilt covers Australia and find one that you’d like to use in your home’s bedroom. 

Using Quilt Covers to Make Your Home’s Bedroom Look Amazing

Quilt Covers as a Gift Idea

Want to give someone a gift that they will enjoy for years to come and be constantly reminded of you? Then consider getting a quit cover for them to use in their homes. Quilt covers make an excellent gift and the only thing you’ll really need to know is the size of their bed which can be quickly ascertained by peaking at it. They will see the quilt cover almost everyday and will be constantly reminded of your generosity.

Setting the Focal Point of a Room

The item in a bedroom that is almost always the focal point of the room is the bed. Having a great looking quilt cover on the bed can really set the mood for the bedroom and if it looks great it can make the entire room look amazing. Make sure when you start your room design that you start with the bed and the quilt cover on the bed and then design outward. This will make the entire process of tying everything in the room together. And since you have the quilt cover as the starting point then the focal point of the room is exactly what you wanted.

Make Your Home Feel Bigger with a Quilt Cover

In most bedrooms the bed is usually the item that takes up the majority of the room. This can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and if you’re claustrophobic, it can really make your anxiety go crazy. There are things that you can do to make the room appear larger than it actually is without removing any walls. The colors that are used in the bedroom can play a huge role in how we perceive the size of the room. For instance a room that is a darker color will seem smaller than a room with light colored walled. But this isn’t just for the walls. If you have a king or super king bed in your bedroom getting a quilt cover that is lighter colored can help the room look larger. Alternatively, if you have a queen size bed that you want to make it appear a bit larger, you can use darker colored doona covers. Patterns and designs can also play a part in the appearance as well. Using a light colored room with a dark or even a black quilt cover can really create a unique appearance for the room and the contrast will work well to make the room appear larger with the bed as the focal point of the room.

Seasonal Quilt Covers for your Home

Who says a quilt cover should be chiseled in stone? Being able to change the appearance of your bedroom during the different seasons can give you a whimsical outlook on the day. Plus, themed doona covers for your bed can help you get into the spirit of the season. Having a bright and loud quilt cover is a great way to welcome spring each year. And if you’re feeling the chill of winter then consider getting a white or even a charcoal style quilt cover for your home. One of the great features about getting a quilt cover for your home is that there are many different choices that you can pick. The designs and colours can really make the bedroom more of a safe haven for you with the designs you choose.

Major Brands of Quilt Covers You Should Look For

There are many brands that you should look for when getting a quilt cover. One thing you’ll need to consider is that just like anything else, they are not created equal. Getting a low budget quilt cover may seem like a good idea initially but after some time you will be able to see the problems from low quality products. Some of the best major brands of quilt covers on the market today are:

  • Bellevue Living
  • Embassy Royale
  • HoteLuxe Exclusive
  • Linenuxe
  • Logan & Mason
  • Metropolitan

Of course this isn’t a complete list as there are hundreds of different brands that we could recomend. However, most of the brands above have been consistent quality for a number of years and continues to provide excellent designs and quality.




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