Speakman s2252 Signature High Pressure Adjustable Solid Brass Shower Head

Top 3 Rated Best High Pressure Shower Heads Rated by IKAHomes

A refreshing shower after a tiring day gets rid of exhaustion. You’ll, however, enjoy your bath in the shower only if water comes out vehemently at a high pressure. The whole shower experience won’t be that pleasant if water comes out trickling down from the shower head. Basic shower heads not only do they deliver a weak flow, they are also the cause of water wastage in most homes without providing much pleasure or the cleansing effect expected while taking a bath. High pressure shower heads, on the other hand, perform the opposite.

Top 3 Rated Best High Pressure Shower Heads Rated by IKAHomes

A pressure Shower Head is basically a head which homeowners purchase to install in their showers if they’ve got little water pressure in their homes or simply have got inefficient shower heads which don’t provide enough water force for a relaxing showering experience.

What to Look For When Buying a High-Pressure Shower Head

• Size: This mostly refers to the radius the pressure shower head has. A wider radius is usually better since one will get more coverage.
• Quality: if given a preference, something that’s well-made is obviously preferable to a shoddy workmanship. Homeowners will like all their appliances to be of high quality. The pressure heads are no exception.
• Flow Rate: pressure shower heads usually have a 2.5 gallons/min flow rate. You need to check for that when purchasing one.
• Warranty: warranties will range anywhere from a year to even a lifetime warranty. The longer the warranty, the better!
• Price: one needs to measure their budget and decide on how much they’re willing to spend in purchasing one.

• Reviews: you need to also see what other customers have responded to the brand you’re thinking to purchase. Amazon, eBay sales page and the rest are a good place to start with.

Benefits that come with a High-pressure shower head

• Better washing. A shower in high pressure water lets you wash and rinse with much ease.• Feels better. A high pressure shower always feels wonderful, especially during those cold mornings. For most homeowners, water pressure is unswervingly related to the pleasure experienced while showering.

• Less water. Less water is used for same pressure

If you’re getting agitated with the sound of counting every drop while in the shower, you need to seriously consider purchasing one. A pressure shower head is designed to provide the perfect water current regardless of standard pressure rates in the house or apartment. In this article, we get to look at the Top 3 Rated High Pressure Shower Heads in the market today.

Top 3 Rated High-Pressure Shower Heads

1. Speakman S-2252

Speakman s2252 Signature High Pressure Adjustable Solid Brass Shower HeadSpeakman S 2252 is the undoubted number #1 pick. Its rotating handle is its main key feature. By revolving the lever holder, one can easily choose ranges of different flow patterns according to one’s mood and liking.

This showerhead has been made to work for many years. Even if you’ll spend a little much more when purchasing it, it will serve you long enough. With all the difference and colors of the showerhead the manufacturer offers, it certainly will gratify you on a daily basis. The brand aims at providing it’s users an indulgence hotel-like sensation.

• Manufactured using strong solid brass
• Equipped with Anystream 360� Technology
• Self-cleaning outlets
• Has a lifetime warranty
• 2.5 Gallons per minute water flow
• 6 regulating jets
• 48 separate spraysPros:

• Highly long-lasting product – (made from solid metal)
• Easy to operate thanks to the streaming technology
• 6 regulating jets for sturdier flow

• A bit expensive, but pays off in the long-run
Buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2GaewDo


2. Delta 75152 Adjustable Water-Amplifying Shower Head

Delta 75152 Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead with H2Okinetic Technology

This shower head has been constructed with extreme mindfulness in regards to water economy. It’s fashioned with EPA’s water-saving standards, this allows a homeowner to be protected that they’ll use the water sensibly. However, showering with this high pressure shower head is a great experience, nonetheless of water economy choice.

Delta 75152 Adaptable shower head saves water also without conceding its performance. Besides being mindful of water saving, one needs a shower head that’s also easy to maintain. Delta showerhead is made with that inconsideration: how can the manufacturer provide homeowners with modern looks without risking the cleanliness of the shower head? Its holes are big for this reason in precise since larger holes minimize chances of bacteria and mold growth in the shower head.
• 2.50 – 1.85, GPM water Flow: You can choose how much water you want to save!
• Compressed spray pattern
• Clog-Free holes
• Has s Lifetime Warranty!
• huge holes which prevent bacteria and mold growth
• Lifetime warranty
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Has atop water saving choice
• Great showering experience
• Has a small spray configuration
Buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2GalPel
Wantba’ is one of the best-selling shower heads on the market and is also an actual bargain for the stainless steel, high-grade shower head. Since its head is attached to a suitable swivel, metal ball, it’s so easy to move to any angle or desired position.
Having a size of 6 inches, this shower head has a 2.5 gallons per minute current control. It gives a relaxing touch to the skin which bears a resemblance to that of soft rainfall. Do not, however, be misled by its gentle flow as it gives a prevailing spray even during low water flow. In fact, this shower head provides the exact same high performance found in many hotels.

If you’re in search of a treat for your daily bathing, the WantBa showerhead is a good choice to start with. The one outstanding feature of this showerhead is that one doesn’t have to worry themselves about having a minimum water pressure in their home. The WantBa Rainfall Spa Shower Head is capable of delivering exceptional results even on low water force.Pros:

• Has a Relaxing pressure pattern will come in handy when getting rid of headaches and sore muscles
• Can be simply dismantled and well cleaned –mold growth or no bacteria inside the head
• Has a sturdy water flow with high water pressure
• Covers a great range
• The material used to make the showerhead is not of high quality

Buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2pG25Vy


So there are the top 3 commended pressure shower Heads. In case you like taking extensive showers where the water soothes your whole body, investing in one of the shower heads covered here is precisely what you have to focus on. Remember, when purchasing through Amazon, they have a great return policy in the case where one doesn’t like their product or, wants to try pick another.

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