Roof Cleaning Benefits: Why Roof Cleaning is Important

Roof Cleaning Benefits: Why Roof Cleaning is Important

Did you know roof cleaning is important and offers huge benefits for your home? It’s true! A roof that is covered in algae or debris will cause water damage, mold growth, and even rot. In fact, a dirty roof can cost you thousands of dollars over its lifetime in repairs and damages.

Getting a new roof installed can be expensive, but they can last a long time if they are properly maintained. But they also get dirty fast and if it’s not cleaned it can lead to problems. When they do, it costs you big bucks in repairs and replacing the roof. Fortunately, roof cleaning is simple and affordable way to help with this problem.

This guide will teach you why cleaning your roof properly is so important and provide some of the benefits you can enjoy with proper roof cleaning in both DIY projects as well as hiring professional roof cleaning services.

Do Not Use High Pressure to Wash Your Roof

First, you should never use high pressure washers on your roof as they can cause damage to the material and the shingles. A soft washing or low-pressure washer is used by many professional contractors who perform roof cleaning services. High-pressure washing is not necessary for removing algae from metal, tile or asphalt roofs anyway and can put your roof at risk if used especially on roof shingles. The heat from the sun is enough to kill off mold and mildew spores that may be covering it as long as it can be exposed. You can also apply a low chemical cleaner with a garden sprayer or soft brush in order to remove dirt and debris without any damage to your roof structure. Here are a few cleaners that are available on Amazon:

Mold Armor Cleaner

The Mold Armor E-Z House Wash is a powerful and convenient solution for cleaning exterior surfaces without the need for scrubbing or pressure washing. With just a garden hose, this cleaner effectively removes stains caused by dirt, mold, mildew, and algae.

Wet & Forget Moss, Mold, Mildew, & Algae Stain Remover

The Wet & Forget Multi-Surface Outdoor Cleaner Concentrate is a powerful solution for eliminating black and green stains caused by mold, mildew, and algae on various outdoor surfaces. This easy-to-use concentrate does not require any scrubbing, power washing, or bleach. Simply mix 5 parts water with 1 part Wet & Forget in a pump-up garden sprayer and apply it to the desired surface. The solution then works with the wind and rain to gently clean the surface over time.

Cleaning Your Roof Adds Curb Appeal and Increases Property Value

Cleaning your roof can lead to increased curb appeal especially if your home has those ugly black streaks on the roof surface caused by moss and algae growth. A dirty roof has an unpleasant look that detracts from the overall beauty of your home and even if you have a great looking home, a dirty roof can be quite the distraction and cleaning it can take a bit of time doing but it can certainly be worth it. New roofing and properly cleaned roofing looks amazing and can make a huge difference in the way your home looks and how much it is valued.

Cleaning Your Roof Adds Curb Appeal and Increases Property Value

The benefits of cleaning your roof go beyond just aesthetics though. Cleaning can also increase the value of your home and property, since a well-maintained roof indicates that you take good care of your house. Potential buyers are likely to be more impressed with a clean roof than one that is dirty and covered with debris. This could lead to higher offers on the sale price as well as higher assessments for home equity lines of credit.

Cleaning Your Roof Prevents Damage from Algae and Other Biological Growths

Another important benefit of roof cleaning is preventing damage from algae, moss, lichens, and other biological growths that can occur on rooftops over time. These organisms feed off the limestone in the shingles and can cause them to lose their protective coating, leading to water leakage and rotting of the roof structure. Each roofing material will have its own challenges when battling those problems and while some have a good environment for algae growth, all of them can have these problems. The most common problem is the limestone in asphalt shingles which is the most common type of roofing material used in the United States. Cleaning your roof regularly (at least once a year) will help prevent these growths from forming, protecting your roof from deteriorating over time.

Cleaning Your Roof Can Help You Save Money on Energy Costs Over Time

Another benefit of cleaning your roof is that it can help you save money on energy costs in some cases. Algae covered roofs absorb more heat from the sun than clean ones, which leads to higher heating and cooling bills as your house works much harder than necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature. Cleaning this off the roofing shingles or roof tiles helps keep the air inside the house at a more consistent temperature, lowering your monthly utility bills by not causing your heating and air conditioning system to work as hard.

A Professional Roof Cleaner Can Inspect Your Roof for Problems

When you get your home’s roof cleaned it can also be a visual inspection of the roof as well. Getting a professional roof cleaning service to clean your roof can be beneficial because these services usually provide an inspection of the roof to look for problems. This allows the roof contractor to look for any signs of damage or potential repairs that need to be done so that you can nip any problems in the bud before they become too big and expensive to be repaired.

Remove Dirt, Debris, Moss, and Algae Growth and Extend your Roof’s Life

Want your roof to last a long time? Roof cleaning can help to extend its lifespan. Cleaning off dirt, debris, moss and algae from your rooftop helps to prevent any damage to the shingles and other material that could be caused by these organisms. Removing them also prevents growths like lichen which have tiny roots that can penetrate into the shingles and cause more deterioration over time. Regular cleaning will ensure that your roof stays strong and healthy for many years to come.

Include Exterior Gutter Washing as Well as Regular Roof Cleaning

Finally, when cleaning your roof, it’s also important to remember that you should include exterior gutter washing in the process as well. Gutters are just as susceptible to dirt and debris, so ensuring that they’re cleaned out properly is essential for preventing leaks and other issues with your roof. Cleaning them regularly will help keep water away from your home, protecting it from damage caused by water accumulation.

Prevent Damages with Proper Roof Cleaning

Cleaning your roof properly is essential for preventing damage, preserving its value, increasing curb appeal, and saving on energy costs. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional contractor for the job, taking this step will help ensure that your roof stays in great condition for years to come. Make sure to keep up with regular maintenance and inspections as well!

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What happens if you don’t clean your roofing?

If you don’t clean your roof regularly, it can lead to water damage, rotting of the roof structure, and higher heating bills due to algae buildup on your tiled or shingled roof. Additionally, any dirt or debris left on the roof can lead to corrosion and other forms of deterioration that can shorten its lifespan if not removed in a timely manner.

How often should I clean my roof?

Ideally, you should have your roof cleaned at least once a year. This will help ensure that any dirt and debris is removed before it has a chance to cause damage. Additionally, regular roof washing can help with algae growth and prevent any water leakage or structural rotting of the roof as well as saving money on repairs with roof checks during the process.

Should I clear sticks and twigs from the roof of my house?

Yes, it is important to remove any sticks and twigs from the roof of your house as they can trap moisture and cause damage to your shingles. Additionally, they act as a home for pests and other organisms which can further compromise the integrity of the roof structure. It’s best to clear them away as soon as possible in order to keep your roof in top condition.

What should I do before cleaning my roof?

Before cleaning your roof, it is important to inspect it for any signs of damage or other issues that may need to be addressed. Additionally, make sure to clear away any debris such as sticks and twigs that may be on the roof. Once all of this is done, you can start the cleaning process.

Is pressure washing my roof a good idea?

Pressure washing is not recommended for roofs as it can damage the shingles and cause further deterioration. Instead, you should use a gentle cleaning solution and a soft-bristled brush or sponge in order to clean it properly. This is the safest way to ensure that your roof remains strong and in good condition for many years to come and why most homeowners hire a professional cleaning company to soft wash the roof.

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