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Preparing Your Home’s Furnace for The Heating Season Ahead

Preparing Your Home's Furnace for The Heating Season Ahead

One component in most homes that is often overlooked is the furnace or HVAC system in the home. We depend on it to keep our home’s comfortable and rarely think about what might happen if there is a problem. For most home heating and cooling systems there are secondary systems is in place to ensure that our homes remain comfortable even when there is a problem. However, some problems can make your entire system fail completely and leave you, literally, in the freezing cold. There are some things you should do to help maintain your furnace to ensure it doesn’t fail on those freezing nights which can make it costly to repair and put you in a very uncomfortable spot.

Preparing Your Home’s Furnace for The Heating Season Ahead

With so many home owners staying home lately with the pandemic, there are loads of home improvement projects that can be done. And with cold weather just around the corner what better place to start than with your home furnace? Here are some tips to ensure your home’s furnace is working properly and as efficient as possible.

Preparing Your Home's Furnace for The Heating Season Ahead

Check the Flame Sensor on the Furnace

A lot of components that are placed on your furnace are there for safety. With open flames and intense heat there is a lot of risk and components are placed in order to maintain the safety of the furnace. One of these safety components is the flame sensor and when there is a problem with the flame sensor it can actually put your safety at risk even if your furnace seems to be working properly. The flame sensor detects that the gas that is injected into your furnace actually has  flame to ingite it. Without a properly working flame sensor the gas on your furnace should turn off preventing any type of gas buildup in your home. Many times this flame sensor can become dirty and not work properly. Make sure the flame sensor on your furnace is clear of soot and debris.

Check and Replace Any Air Filters

When was the last time you replaced the air filters on your furnace? Many home owners think that the air filter should only be replaced once per year but actually you should replace the air filter on your furnace every 90 days at most. This is especially true if the weather is colder and the furnace is used more. If you have a dusty driveway or live near an area that has lots of dust, you may even want to consider replacing the air filter every month. A simple check of the air filter can help you decide.

Clear Any Vents and Registers

Many times vents and registers can get blocked by rugs and other items. Make sure all your vents and registers are clear and not blocked in any way. Blocking too many vents or registers can put your furnace into a bind and cause problems with blowers and fan motors in the furnace. Take a walk around your home and look for problems and if the vents are registers are blocked in any way.



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