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Differences Between Re-Roofing Over Existing Roof: Roof Overlay Vs Tear Off

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Does Your Home Have Wind Damaged Shingles?

If your home has asphalt shingles installed one of the greatest threats to your roof is wind. Weather always plays a part in damages caused to a home but for the roof wind is one of the main factors that can cause it to fail. Having wind damaged shingles on…

How Much Does a New Bathroom Cost Answered Here

So you’ve made the decision to finally renovate that outdated bathroom in your home. But before you do you need to consider the budget for the new bathroom. Since bathroom remodel projects can sometimes cost thousands, knowing how much does a new bathroom cost can help make your decision much…

Should You Install Under Cabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen?

Giving your home the lighting that it needs is crucial. This is especially true in the kitchen where meals are prepared. Most kitchens have plenty of counter area but not much light to really brighten them. Throw in the fact that you need to stand in certain areas to make…

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