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Making the Most of your Space Heater

Making the Most of your Space Heater

Having a space heater in your home can help tremendously on those cold days. A space heater is especially useful in areas where you need heat quickly and is portable. For instance, having a space heater in the bathroom that you can turn on before getting a shower ensures that you’ll be warm when you get out. Other uses for space heaters include warming areas of the home where a traditional heating unit simply doesn’t work.

As you probably know, most homes have areas where the furnace or main heating unit doesn’t work that well. Other areas where it may work a little too well. Having a completely balanced system for most homes is not that common and many people use space heaters to even the home’s heating out. Other common reasons to have a space heater may be because different family members have different comfort levels when it comes to temperatures. Actually, most families don’t agree on an ideal temperature for the home. This makes a space heater a great option for those ‘always cold’ family members.

Making the Most of your Space Heater

A space heater works by plugging into a standard power outlet in your home and most have a switch which controls the power of the unit. Many have a low heat and high heat setting as well as a thermostat to adjust the temperature. Some of the better units such as the Lasko 754200 can pack a lot of heat into a very small place. This can be ideal for areas such as under a deck to help warm your feet and legs on those cold winter days.

There are many different models, designs, styles, and energy efficiency when it comes to a space heater. Space heaters are often measured by two important units. One of those ratings is the BTU of the heater. The more BTUs a heater has the more heat that it will deliver. Higher BTU heaters will likely use more energy as well. Another way space heaters are measured is how much power they use. While you can get a space heater that delivers a lot of heat it may also cost you a lot in terms of energy used. Having a good space heater that delivers a good amount of heat while only pulling a small amount of power can make a huge difference both in terms of heating and energy consumption. One of the best we’ve found is the Lasko space heater. You can read a great Lasko 754200 review to learn more about this unit.

One thing that you’ll also want to consider when buying a space heater for your home is safety. Always keep any type of drapes, curtains, or furniture away from the heater. Place the space heater in an area of your home with the front of the heater directed at where you want to warm and make sure that area is clear. Many of the heaters today have built in safety features such as a switch that turns the unit off in case a pet knocks the unit over. The Lasko 754200 has built in safety features to help keep you safe when using a space heater.


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