How To Stop Grass Growing Through Patio Pavers

How To Stop Grass Growing Through Patio Pavers

When it comes to landscaping and lawn care, there are few things worse than grass growing through patio pavers. Stopping grass growing wild through patio paver stones can ensure your patio looks great and isn’t damaged by root systems of weeds and grass.

There are several reasons why grass and weeds grows through patio pavers but the results can be quite obvious. One reason is because they don’t drain properly. Another reason is because they aren’t installed correctly.

There are ways to prevent grass from growing through patio pavers but you’ll first need to get rid of the grass or weeds that are already present in the patio paver cracks. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to stop grass growing through pavers using inexpensive materials.

Grass And Weeds Growing in Patio Pavers

Dealing With Creeping Weeds and Grass on a Paver Patio

Regularly sweep and maintain your patios will help to keep weeds out of cracks and if can also help you better determine if there needs to be something done to remove the weeds. If you don’t want to use chemicals, try using some of the homemade remedies below.

Don’t let weeds grow under your paver patio or have weeds between pavers or it will likely lead to damage to your patio. They’re hard to see and easy to miss but once they take hold they can start pushing patio pavers up and around which can be a trip hazard and also unsightly. Once pesky weeds or grass starts growing in the cracks of your patio, they can quickly spread across your entire patio. When you do notice weeds, don’t wait — pull them immediately or take steps to kill them.

Homemade Weed Killers and Methods


One of the most popular home concoctions for a weed killer is vinegar. Vinegar is a very effective weed-killer. Combine it with salt and you’ve got yourself a homemade weed-killer. This method works well because white vinegar kills weeds by dissolving the cell walls of plants. Salt helps the solution penetrate deeper into the plant tissue. This solution is also fast acting so you should see results in just a day or two.

If you have an old spray bottle you can simply mix up the solution in it and then spray the grass or weeds you want to kill. Just mix 3 parts water to 2 parts white vinegar and add a few tablespoons of salt. Spray the mixture onto the weeds and leave it alone. After 15 minutes or so you’ll want to rinse the area where you sprayed the solution so it doesn’t damage patio pavers.

While this homemade weed killer will work great it’s only a short term solution. The roots of the weeds and grass will likely remain alive and grow back every few weeks. While it’s not much of a hassle to spray your patio every few weeks it can be tiresome after a while.

Baking Soda

To control weeds around your house you can sprinkle baking soda on the area where weeds are growing in the cracks of the patio pavers. If the weeds are taller the weeds will die but won’t break down like they will with vinegar. You may have to pull the dead weeds from the ground being careful not to disturb the pavers around the weeds.

To apply simply sprinkle the baking soda around the roots of the weeds or in the case of a paver patio into the cracks between the pavers. Putting the baking soda on leaves can work but it works better when it dissolves and soaked up by plant roots.

Baking soda is also relatively cheap and available at most grocery stores so it’s easily attainable.

Boiling Water

Weeds can be quite annoying and tend to take over our lawns, gardens, and yards. They can be hardy plants that grow quickly, are very competitive, and reproduce rapidly. Not only that, they can be hard to kill. If left unchecked, weeds can choke out desirable vegetation and when they are growing in your patio they can move stones around which can be huge problem. One way to deal with weeds and kill them naturally is to use boiling hot water.

Just pour boiling water on the weeds to kill them. While this method can work it is extremely dangerous. If you plan to use this method make sure you do so safely.

Dry Salt

Salt is one of the oldest methods used to control weeds. We’ve mentioned above you can add salt to vinegar as a weed killer but you can also just use it on it’s own. A simple application of salt can help you keep unwanted plants under control. This method works best for small patches of weeds where it is easy to apply the salt directly to the soil such as in the cracks of your patio. You can use salt to kill weeds and prevent new growth. Be careful when letting salt sit on brick patio pavers however as they may damage or discolor the patio pavers.

Pressure Washer

If you have a pressure washer it can be a great way to get rid of the grass and weeds in your patio. Not only can it help to get rid of the weeds and grass but it can also give your patio a cleaning. Blast away weeds and grass like you’re using a magic wand with a pressure washer.

One problem with using a high pressure washer however is that it can blast the sand that should be between the pavers away. Over time you may even take out too much of the sand and the pavers will start to sink into the base layer causing them to become uneven.

Chemical Treatments for Weed Growth

There are many different brands of chemical treatments you can use to treat your pavers. Many of the herbicides are available on Amazon or at your local hardware store. Some work fast while others take some time to work completely. Here are a few that are available from Amazon which work great and maintaining your patio:


Pet Safe Smaller Area Natural / Organic

When Should You Kill Grass and Weeds in Your Patio

Weeds are one of those things you just don’t want to see in your yard. They’re unsightly, invasive, and often cause problems for homeowners. Dealing with weeds in your landscape, yard, or patio is sometimes a never ending battle. Since weed roots are so hardy and can remain long after traditional grass has been killed off, they make a great opponent when battling for the beauty of your landscape including your patio.

For patios it’s best to remove any of the weeds as soon as you see them. The longer time you wait the more likely the grass and weeds will spread taking a better hold of the patio and leading to more damage. This usually isn’t a problem in the fall and winter for most climates, but it’s a good practice to get rid of them as quickly as you can.


If you have grass growing through your patio pavers, it may seem like a big problem right now, but it doesn’t have to be and there are some easy homemade solutions to this problem. There are also chemical weed killers designed to take care of unwanted weeds and grass. Whatever you decide to do, remember that prevention is always better than cure when it comes to weeds.


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