How To Keep Animals From Coming Into Your Home

How To Keep Animals From Coming Into Your Home

While many animals can be cute and very friendly, there’s many animals out there that can cause a lot of problems to your home. Of course we’re not talking about dogs or cats that tear up your couch or use the bathroom on your carpet. We’re talking more about animals such as raccoons, birds, insects, and other animals in those lines. These types of animals can cause serious problems to your home, by finding a way into your home and tearing up things that are unseen by the homeowner. If you’ve ever experienced animals breaking into your home, you know that it can be stressful and how much damage they can actually do to your home.

Keeping animals from entering your home can be pretty tough depending on your home’s location, many homeowners who face these issues can be found in areas with lots of trees and nature around the house. However, homeowners who are located in areas like a neighborhood won’t face many problems with animals, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never face the issues of animals entering your home. Taking precaution can help drastically prevent animals from entering and damaging your home. So let’s find out how to keep animals from coming into your home.

How To Keep Animals and Rodents From Coming Into Your Home

Inspecting Your Attic

When it comes to finding out whether animals have entered your home or not, the first step is inspecting areas of your home. Start with your attic as it’s the most common place for animals to break into your home.

Search For Infestations

Animals can begin infesting your attic such as insects or more bigger animals. The best way to figure out if animals are in your attic is to search for clues, as finding the animals in plain sight is more than likely not going to happen. Look for signs that animals have been in your attic, such as chewed up wiring, animal nests, and holes leading to the outside. This will be your best bet to finding out if your attic has been infiltrated by animals.

Having animal nests such as bird nests in places such as attic vents can cause problems. The roof on your home needs proper ventilation to perform as it should. When these vents are blocked it can cause the humidity in the attic to rise which can cause the roofing to age prematurely. You may need to end up getting a new roof installed if the problem is severe enough.

Noises Coming From The Walls

Animals that have invaded your attic will often make noises. These animals can vary from animal to animal. Animals such as squirrels will often make noises like they’re gently running around, as other animals such as mice will squeak at night time. If you hear any noises coming from the walls in your attic, it’s typically because of animals in your home.

Setup A Way To Tell

When it comes to animals in your attic, it can be pretty tough finding them. If you notice any holes in your attic, it could be animals making their way in your attic. If you didn’t find anything from the last 2 steps, then trying to put down some flour can help you find footprints of animals that could be coming into your attic.

Inspecting Your Home’s Exterior

Just like your attic, you’ll want to inspect your home’s exterior as well for signs of animals invading your home. Places near trees are a common place to find problems along with exterior vents. While animals usually will not chew through brick or vinyl siding, they may chew through wooden siding. Your home may have vents near gable ends, in the foundation, or along the eaves of your home. Look for signs of entry in these places. It’s common for rodents to chew around these vents and gain entry into the home.

Search For Holes

Look For Gaps In Your Ventilation Systems

Inspecting your ventilation system is a great way to determine if animals have invaded your home or not, if you notice any gaps or even loose vent covers, then animals could have gotten into your home from here.

Search For Holes

Looking near the soffit of your roof, right where your siding comes up, search for holes. If there’s any holes present, animals could have gotten in this way. Smaller animals may have gotten in such as squirrels since they could climb to it, so it’s better to be safe and call an expert to further inspect the holes.

Call An Expert

If your house has been invaded by animals, then it’s certainly no joke. They can cause a lot of damage that could even go unseen by the homeowner. If there’s any signs that may indicate animals have been in your home, then it’s recommended to contact an animal expert to inspect your home for possible break-ins from wild animals. Even if the signs aren’t present, it still may be a good idea to have a professional inspection done just to be completely sure. That way you won’t end up with exposed wires or damaged foundations in your home.

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