How to Choose a Contractor for Kitchen Remodel Project

How to Choose a Contractor for Kitchen Remodel Project

So, you’ve decided to renovate your kitchen, and you have this beautiful idea in mind. In fact, you might have daydreamed what it would be like baking and making delicious dishes in your new kitchen. Getting a new kitchen remodel can be awesome, but sometimes hiring the wrong kitchen remodeling contractor can make the entire experience a disaster.

How to Choose a Contractor for Kitchen Remodel Project

From the never ending home remodeling project to the always going up on the quote kitchen project, there are many problems that can make your dream kitchen a nightmare. Learning how to choose a contractor for kitchen remodel project can help you avoid these common problems and make sure your kitchen remodel is done right and fast!

Your choice of home improvement contractor will determine how satisfactory those ideas and dreams of yours will become in reality. Understandably, choosing the right contractor to remodel your kitchen can be quite challenging, but not impossible! Here are a few points to consider before choosing a contractor to remodel your kitchen.

Can You Remodel Your House Without Using a Contractor?

Can You Remodel Your House Without Using a Contractor?

When considering hiring a contractor to remodel your kitchen, you need to ask yourself if you really need to hire one. The answers to this question will also guide you in choosing the right contractor for the job. First, identifying the problem is key to determining how best to solve the problem, which is why you need to objectively evaluate the current condition of your kitchen, this will help access the extent of renovation needed which will choose a contractor that delivers top-notch services in the identified areas.

If you feel you need more workspace in your kitchen, or that it isn’t functional enough, then you need to identify why this is the case. Could it be that the cabinets and counter space aren’t large enough? Or is it that your kitchen lacks certain appliances that make preparing meals easier? Or could it be because things are not well arranged? Seeking objective answers to these questions will help you determine if it’s time for a renovation and what extent of renovation is needed.

After an objective evaluation of your kitchen, you might realize you only need to repaint to make your kitchen feel more spacious rather than paying for a total redesign just to have access to more space.

What to Aim for with Your Kitchen Remodel Project

Okay, now you identified you certainly need to renovate your kitchen, but then, remember that remodeling comes at a cost, and can put a strain on any homeowner if there’s always a need to renovate the kitchen from time to time. So, when you decide to remodel your kitchen, what should you aim for? Here’s are a few things that make a great kitchen.

Never Enough Storage

Never Enough Storage

Having enough storage is crucial to the functionality of a kitchen. And no matter how many cabinets and shelves you have, there never seems to be enough sometimes. The longevity of the products stored in your kitchen will be determined by the quality of your kitchen’s storage space. Apart from the lifespan of the product stored, the lifespan of the materials used for your kitchen’s storage should also be considered.

Therefore, make sure that the contractor you choose to hire is well experienced and has a good record when it comes to using the best materials for a kitchen’s storage space. If you have an old house that was built before the 60s then chances are the space available is much smaller and you may have to come up with creative ways to make better use of the storage space you have.

Kitchen Space

Having enough space should always be the aim, or better said – maximizing available space should always be a priority. When considering space, you shouldn’t just think about how to have enough room to move around, where you and your family can comfortably enjoy a meal, or how to fit in all your new appliances.

You want to make sure space is maximized to allow for future redesigning. You should check out previous records of a contractor to find out if they do well with maximizing kitchen space. Try to plan out your kitchen design first and mark the current floor with tape to determine if it’s the best layout for your kitchen project.

Talk with Remodeling Contractors About the Time Frame Needed for the Project

Talk with Remodeling Contractors About the Time Frame Needed for the Project

One of the more important factors that require your consideration is – Time. You will need to consider how much time it would take to get through the different stages of the remodeling project as well as how long you would like for the project to be completed. Putting these two factors into consideration will help you choose a contractor that can complete the job within the best time possible.

You might be as well be interested in knowing how long an average kitchen remodeling should take, just so you know when your home will be back to the usual. If that’s the case, here’s a realistic answer or let’s say guideline you can always refer to.

Well, it can take between 1 – 6 months to completely remodel a kitchen. Depending on the extent of the renovation and complexity of the new design, most kitchen remodeling projects usually do not take more than 6 months to be completed.

Getting your dream home is great but if you need to wait years while the construction project is going on, chances are you need a better contractor.

Consider the Budget for the Entire Kitchen Remodel Project

Consider the Budget for the Entire Kitchen Remodel Project

Whenever the word “budget” comes up, it can send those awesome dreams and design ideas of your down the drain. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid considering your budget when you decide to hire a contractor to remodel your kitchen. After all, it is said that nothing good goes for free!

When considering your budget, you shouldn’t just consider the price tag on that countertop, appliance, or the cost of hiring a contractor, you will also need to consider if any extra cost would be incurred in getting each item into your kitchen. For example, if you’re looking to have a marble countertop in your kitchen, it will cost you an entire slab, even if you wouldn’t be needing the entire slab. You will also incur the cost of cutting the slab, delivery, and so on.

After objectively evaluating the state of your kitchen and what extent of renovation is needed, you can also determine if you would have to pass on the responsibility of sourcing and purchasing items to the contractor – which means you also have to consider what each contractor charges for taking on this responsibility. Don’t just consider saving cost, be sure you can handle sourcing for quality items for yourself before taking up this role.

Great! Now you’re done considering these factors. You’ve decided you need to get a renovation done on your kitchen and you already considered what you need, the cost, and how long it should take. Now, here’s a guide to help you choose a contractor to get the job done.

Check with Your Friends and Family for References for Home Improvement Contractor Reviews

Check with Your Friends and Family for References

Yes! Don’t be afraid to ask your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to recommend a kitchen contractor. By asking for referrals and reviews, you are increasing your chancing of employing the services of a contractor who can offer satisfying results.

Think about it – your friends, neighbors, and colleagues would most likely not recommend a contractor who didn’t do a good job. Hence, by seeking referrals, you’re increasing your chances of choosing a qualified professional to handle your kitchen remodeling project.

Seeking referrals also offers you the chance to see previous jobs completed by a contractor – just incase words of mouth aren’t enough for you. And this is great! After you’ve considered some of the factors we discussed earlier; like the time frame it should take for the project to the completed, your budget, as well as what to aim for, you can objectively evaluate if what you’re seeing – that is, the said contractor’s completed job meets up with your hopes for your new kitchen.

Seeking referrals also allows you the opportunity to ask important questions. You get the opportunity to ask questions such as; how long it took the contractor to complete the job? If there were extra costs incurred? And more. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible, be careful though not to drown your friends in a sea of questions.

You can also check online for reviews and ratings of the contractor. While there are many places online that offers rating services for contractors, be sure to consider each review as fake reviews are quite common in this industry.

Choosing a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor for your Home

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Once you’ve gotten recommendations from your friends, the next step shouldn’t be choosing the contractor who got the sweetest review. After all, your kitchen is different, your needs, ideas, are different from those of your friend, relative, or colleague giving the recommendation. this is why you need to take it a step further.

After getting all recommendations from your friends, you need to narrow down the options – you could select the three contractors with the best review and reach out to them to obtain quotes. Doing this allows you to compare rates, time frames, as well as expertise. No doubt, you will get a quote amongst the three that would cost less, don’t be swayed by this. Keep reading to know what next to do.

Check Track Record

Permits are crucial to any major construction project. This is why you need to do your homework so you can choose a contractor that doesn’t cut corners. You want to pay extra attention to this detail as overlooking it can expose you to paying fines during or after the construction project.

Go for an experienced contractor, one who knows the ins and outs as this can determine how well the contractor can get you the best your money can afford. Also, verify if the contractor is licensed and insured, as this can save you a great deal when the need arises.

Final Verdict for Hiring a Kitchen Remodel Contractor for your Dream Kitchen Project

Final Verdict for Hiring a Kitchen Remodel Contractor for your Dream Kitchen Project

Remodeling your kitchen can be exciting and challenging at the same time. But then, you will need to invest time and effort to ensure a satisfying result. Take your time to carefully consider the tips above before accepting a bid from a contractor,  as doing so would save you from unnecessary cost and help you get the desired result.

If you’re considering remodeling your home’s kitchen be sure to fill in the form below to get quotes from verified home improvement contractors.

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