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Home Safety Tips That May Save Your Life

Home Safety Tips That May Save Your Life

No one wants to think about a fire in their homes or some other type of emergency which puts their life and the lives of their family members in jeopardy. But fires and other emergencies can happen and the best way to stay safe is by properly preparing. We’ve included some home safety tips which can help when your family is faced with a fire or other emergency below.

Home Safety Tips That May Save Your Life

You may go your entire life and never have an emergency in your home such as a fire. But there maybe that one time when a fire breaks out in your home and you don’t know what to do or even that a fire is present until it’s too late. There are many building codes, rules, and regulations in place to ensure that most homes are protected but many times after the home is inspected they are not considered again. Take a look at the NFPA to learn more about some of the tips we’ve provided below:

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Make Sure You Have Working Smoke Detectors

One of the best things you can do to protect your home from fire is to have working smoke detectors. A working smoke detector can alert you there is smoke present in the home and that attention is needed immediately. It’s best to have many smoke detectors all around the home but especially in bedrooms. It’s also a good idea to change the batteries regularly in these smoke detectors. There are many different types of smoke detectors that are available today and finding the right smoke detectors for your home can be frustrating. To learn more about what your should look for be sure to check out this post about how do smoke detectors work to find out exactly what you should look for.

Have a Fire Extinguisher at the Ready

Being alerted that there is a fire can help you escape and get out the home before you get harmed but it’s also a good idea to have a way to fight the fire if it’s small. Many of the fires in homes start in the kitchen. For many of these fires a fire extinguisher could put out the blaze before it causes major problems or even destroys your home. Fire extinguishers aren’t expensive and including them in strategic areas of the home is great idea. Be sure to regularly check the fire extinguishers for charge so it’s ready when needed. You can also make a routine to change batteries in smoke detectors and check the fire extinguishers.

Ensure Each Room has Two Escape Methods

It’s important to have a way out if there is a fire. This is especially true for bedrooms. Don’t block windows and other means of escape. If you have a basement that has been converted to living space make sure you have an egress window installed as well. You should have at least two methods of escape from any bedroom in case one is blocked by fire.

Go Over Disaster Preparedness with your Family

Being prepared for a disaster is a must to keep your family safe. Make sure you go over all the details if there is an emergency in your home.



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