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How to Get IKEA Furniture Delivered and Setup in Your NYC Home

IKEA is one of the largest furniture stores in America. They have some amazing pieces that can really give your home a look of feel that you desire for a great price. Unfortunately, for many of us, getting those great looking pieces of furniture home can be a hassle and a huge problem. Add in some of the furniture will need to be assembled and that great looking dream of a new living room you had in your head can quickly turn into a nightmare. There is a solution however, and it’s more affordable than most people think.

IKEA Furniture Delivery & Setup


A great way to get the furniture you want from IKEA delivered and setup is by using a service that does exactly that. They can pick up your furniture that you picked out at IKEA and deliver it to your home or apartment. This takes all the heavy lifting work out of the equation. Once it’s delivered to your home they can also assemble the furniture if needed. Lots of furniture today comes in tightly packed boxes for better shipping and over half will need to be assembled. By hiring someone to do all this work for you the only thing you’ll need to make sure of is the look and design of the furniture in your home.

Get a free quote for your upcoming project. It’s fast and easy to do and it can give you a much better idea of how much you can save on your project. Be sure to check out a delivery and setup company like this in New York City for more information.

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