Get Floors As Tough as Cement But Also Beautiful

Get Floors As Tough as Cement But Also Beautiful

Having a great looking floor in your home can make it more inviting, modern, and can even add value to your home. The problem with many flooring materials today however only give you that advantage for a short time. Wear and tear on the floor can take it’s toll on most flooring and make a great looking floor look like it’s decades old in just a short time. Once this happens your floors not only look bad but they can also bring the value of your home down. This change can be even faster in high traffic areas such as entry ways.

The alternative used to be get a flooring material that is beefed up and normally made for commercial applications. Many times these alternatives were created to last a long time rather than looking great. Most of the patterns and designs of these hefty materials weren’t that great either. Some of these more hardy materials also required special installations as well which left cracks in the flooring and most of it looked dingy.

The Alternative Flooring That Lasts

There is an alternative to flooring today which can change the look and feel of your home for the better and last a long time. In fact, you can get a floor now that is as hard as cement so you know it will last a long time. The flooring I’m talking about is microcement Festfloor and you can learn more about this incredible flooring choice and how it can dramatically change the look and feel of your flooring.

Having flooring made from microcement is  great way to get an amazing look in your home and you can rest easy knowing that it will last a  long time. Many people may think that you need a special base in place to install the microcement but actually it can be installed on almost any type of sub-floor. Whether you have a concrete slab home or a crawl space under your home with OSB or plywood sub-floors you can have this type of cement flooring installed. Not only that but it can also be applied to other areas of your home as well including the walls.

A huge problem with most concrete flooring options is that there was always a need for expansion joints. Basically these expansion joints were cut into the flooring to allow for subtle movements and allowed for the concrete to expand and contract with cracking. Without them the concrete would crack and buckle and many people didn’t want these joints in their flooring. However, with microcement flooring you don’t need to worry about that. It does not require any type of expansion joints or cuts in the flooring at all. In fact, the flooring can be added in long spans without any type of breaks in the pattern or design.

If you’re considering a new flooring for your home be sure to take a look at microcement. To learn more about this amazing type of flooring and get specifications on just what it can do for your home be sure to visit the microcement Festfloor site today.



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