Adding Year Round Color in Your Flower Beds

Having a garden and flower beds that bloom in the Spring can fill the air with an aroma that pleases the nose. And with colorful flowers blooming and bursting with color it makes for a wonderful view of nature and it just makes you feel all warm inside. Having a garden or flowerbed like this can really bring a lot of attention to your home and certainly some neighbors complimenting you. The problem that most people have however is that they want these blooming flowers and colorful flower beds throughout the year and not just in the Spring. But in order to do that you’ll need to know a bit about landscape design and how it will help your home’s flowerbeds. 

As with any flower you’ll first want to determine what season it’s bloom is in. For instance, Sedum plants show more color later in the year as opposed to Bergenia which blooms  in the Spring. Having an array of flowers that don’t all bloom at once can add color to your flower beds through out the year so you can enjoy them. You’ll need to check each flower to determine which is best. You may also want to speak with a landscape design company or gardener that deals with this each day.

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