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Add a Splash of Life to Your Home with Artificial Plants

Add a Splash of Life to Your Home with Artificial Plants

For anyone who loves plants, they can be a must have in your home. But rather than go with real plants that have a limited life span and can make a mess when spilled, it is much easier and efficient to go with artificial plants. You don’t need to worry about watering or pruning and you can get a much wider variety of plants and flowers that aren’t affected by the climate they are in. If you are new to decorating with artificial plants, or just want some new ideas, look no further.

Buy High Quality

It is important to remember that not all artificial plants are created equal. Some look so real that it is nearly indistinguishable from the real version. While others look incredibly fake and can easily fall apart. High quality isn’t just for the overall appearance, but for the longevity of an artificial plant so you get more than your money’s worth.

Place Them Like Real Plants

If you want your artificial plants to really look like the natural thing it is important to place them in spots where they would need to be to survive. If your plants are placed in areas where they are always in the dark or in an awkward spot it becomes obvious that they are fake. But by placing your plants in areas with sunlight and where they would thrive if they were real, it makes them naturally appear to be an actual plant.

re-pot your plants


Artificial plants can either come in pieces like with flowers or already “potted” in their own container. If you want to make your plants either look more natural or just have it fit more with your home’s aesthetic, it can be helpful to put them into different pots and vases. Choose containers that a real plant would be in and find something that matches with the rest of your home décor.

Mix With Real Plants

A fantastic way to make your artificial plants look more realistic is to mix them with natural plants. Whether it is throughout your home, or in one particular area with several plants, having at least one natural plant will reflect more positively on the artificial ones and make them look more lifelike. Choose low maintenance and easily adaptable plants for the real plants in your home so you have less to worry about and won’t need to worry about the plant dying and throwing off your home’s aesthetic.

Hide Or Accentuate Parts Of Your Home

Whether it is to hide a particular area of your home or to add something to an area that looks empty, an artificial plant can be a great way to naturally decorate your home without overdoing it. They are especially fantastic for hiding things like cords in offices because there is no need to worry about dirt or water spilling and harming any electronics. Large standing plants look professional and promote a more calming mindset that is easier to work in.

Be sure to take a look at these artificial plants offered at Timeless Leaves. They offer high-quality plants at incredible prices. From small to large plants they can really make an impact on your interior design. Plus, they offer wreaths that can look amazing in any season.


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