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5 Must-Try DIY Projects Which Will Upgrade Your Home

When it comes to interior designing, we tend to invest in a lot of money. It makes sense because after furnishing, if there is something which can massively transform the way your home looks, is how to decorate it. Unlike furnishing, decoration is something which you can do by yourself. And the best part is that It does not matter if you are a beginner at this stuff, because for these projects, all you need is a good sewing machine for beginners and you are good to go.

There are plenty of DIY projects which you can take up to make small yet incredible additions, which would really add to your house. The top 5 must-try projects are listed below :

Difficulty Level: Easy/ Beginner

Materials required: Fabrics, Sewing machine and some time.

DIY Project No.1 : Custom Pillow Covers

Pillows are a necessity. Why not make your own ones. The best way to include colour or design in any room of your house is to add in extra pillows. Their covers can be easily made, all you require are the basics. Bring in some colorful fabric, a sewing machine and make the magic happen.

DIY Project No.2 :Framed Quilt Squares

The best way to cover up, or brighten up your basic looking walls is to quilt up fabrics, and frame it. Sew fabrics of different color, texture and even patterns to create these master pieces. Frame them and hang them on walls.

DIY No.3 : Table Cloths and napkins

The most easiest and fun work to do is to make table clothes and napkins. This does not involve any science, but some basic straight stitching. Add in net laces to your table clothes and napkins and create a whole new look for your tables. Also, it is a sure way to protect your tables from unnecessary mug stains.

DIY No.4 : Lampshades

As complex as it may look, this DIY project takes only 10-15 minutes. Simple, plain lampshades uplift the whole look of the room. However, if you over-do your lampshades by using bold prints, your room will look dull and suffocating.

DIY No.5 : Rugs and Mats

In case you are one of those people, who don’t enjoy dirty feet in your house places, then you can always stitch up mats and rugs. Mats are easy to stitch however Small rugs would require a powerful machine.

So there it is. Some magnificent ideas which will definitely make your homes look neat and upgraded.

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