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Tips to Stop Mold From Spreading in Your Home

Tips to Stop Mold From Spreading in Your Home

Mold can grow in your home and it can really be a dangerous situation if you don’t contain it and get it removed from the home. In this article I’ll discuss some tips on how to stop mold from spreading in  your home so that you and your family can remain safe. Removing small amounts of mold yourself if possible if you take precautions. The EPA has guidelines on how you should remove small amounts of mold from your home. But for larger amounts of mold you’ll want to get a professional mold remediation contractor to clean up the mold. 

Tips to Stop Mold From Spreading in Your Home

Before taking on a task of removing mold you’ll want to make sure you are completely safe. If your home has a large amount of mold growth it’s likely something that you won’t be able to handle as a do it yourself project. Contact a local home restoration contractor to come and remove the mold you have in your home. Once the mold has been removed you can take the following steps to ensure the mold doesn’t come back. You can also use these tips to stop mold from spreading in your home.

Dry Any Areas and Clean Them Immediately

Mold can not grow on areas that are dry. So if you have an area in your home that always remains wet and damp it’s a prime spot for mold to grow. In fact, it takes only 1 or 2 days for mold to start to grow in these wet and warm areas of the home. If you have an area in the home that is wet be sure to dry it completely and clean and disinfect it if needed as well.

Always Run Exhaust Fans in the Bathroom

As I mentioned above mold needs a warm moist environment to thrive. One area that has lots of moisture is the bathroom especially for larger families where many showers are taken at specific times of the day. Make sure to run exhaust fans when using showers in the bathroom to remove the excess steam that is produced. You’ll also want to inspect other areas of the home that have hot water such as laundry rooms to ensure the humidity is not too high to help stop mold from spreading in your home.

Inspect Your Home Regularly for Mold Growth

Sometimes small leaks and problems can slip below the radar simply because we don’t really inspect our own homes for these problems. But it’s a good idea to look around your home for problems especially when it comes to mold growth. Maybe plan a walk around for your home once per month where you look into attics and closets just to make sure everything is dry and not leaking.

Stop Any Leaks in Your Home

If you do find any leaks in your home you’ll want to stop them quickly. For plumbing related problems be sure to use a certified plumber in your area to make repairs. For other problems including roof leaks or windows leaking you’ll want to make sure to use a home improvement contractor if you don’t want to do the repairs yourself.


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