Reduce Storm Damage to Your Home’s Roof

Reduce Storm Damage to Your Homes Roof

During storms a home is built to protect you from the elements. The wind and rain of a storm can have devastating effects on parts of your home however, the roof in particular. The roof on your home protects you and your family from the wind and rain but sometimes you’ll need to take steps to ensure the roof can properly protect you. In this article I’ll look at ways to reduce storm damage to your roof and give you some tips on how to get the most out of your home’s roof. 

Reduce Storm Damage to Your Home’s Roof

One thing you’ll need to consider before attempting any sort of roof maintenance or repair on your own and that is that it is extremely dangerous. A fall from your roof can seriously injure or even kill you. You need to hire a qualified roofer that can inspect, repair, or replace your home’s roof. Doing roof repair on your own is dangerous and very risky. So, what that being said here are some things that you can do as a home owner to prevent or reduce storm damage to your home’s roof.

Trim Away Branches from the Roof

As trees grow around your home that branches can sometimes hang over your home. This creates a few problems. The first is that moving branch can actually scratch and damage the roofing material surface. For metal roofing it can scratch paint and even bend spots in the metal roofing. For shingle roofing the branches can cause the granules to fall off the shingles. A branch moving on the roofing material like this will cause the roof to fail prematurely. Trimming branches back from the roof can also help protect the roof in storms when the branches could break and fall on the roof.

Get a Roof Inspection Done on Your Roof After a Storm

Sometimes when a roof is damaged it doesn’t immediately show itself. In fact, it may be undetected until the next time it rains. But once the roof starts leaking it can cause all sorts of damage to the interior of the home. When you suspect your roof may have been damaged by a storm or high winds it’s important to contact a qualified roofing contractor. By getting a roof inspection done you can find and fix problems before they turn into disasters for the interior of your home. A leaking roof can cause lots of problems and finding a leak before it rains can save you lots of money.

Replace Older Roofs to Prevent Damage to the Home

Another big problem for roofs when it comes to storms is that as they age the roofing materials gets weaker. It may not protect your home as it did when it was new. Have a roofing company inspect your home’s roof and determine if you need a new roof installed and if the current roof is performing properly. Sometimes it’s better to install a new roof rather than take the chance of whether your old roof will hold up or not. Plus, you can get a new roof done on your schedule rather than because you have a roof leak.


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